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Electric Motor Repair Toronto

motor rewindingWe provide reliable and affordable electric motor repair services in Toronto and GTA, with available pick up and drop off services. We also repair electric swimming pool pumps, heating and air conditioning motors Toronto and other types of electric pumps.

Electric Industrial Motor Repair and Parts Toronto

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As one of the most critical parts of industrial operation, electric motors are commonly found in various industries. Proper working of electric motors is extremely important because several industrial applications depend on the performance of these machines. But sometimes even a minor issue with an electric motor can cause downtime, halt production and reduce productivity. To avoid these issues, you need to keep your electric motor in top-working condition.

Motor Rewinding

At Premier Electric Motor Services, we have vast experience in repairing electric motors of all types. Our services help customers maintain and protect the productivity of critical equipment. We specialize in the repair, winding, and overhaul of electric motors of all sizes. Our technicians are equipped to repair and rewind industrial electric motors to prevent unplanned production downtime.

Parts and Servo Motor Repair Toronto

We can promptly deploy our expertise at your site or in our shop to minimize your downtime. Our aim is to protect your productivity and ensure the optimal performance of your motors. At Premier Electric Motor Services, we are also equipped to repair electric swimming pool pumps, heating, and air conditioning motors and other types of electric pumps. We provide repair service for all makes and models of pumps. With years of experience in the industry, we have become the first choice for pump and motor repairs or replacements in Toronto. We serve a diverse customer base- from large industries to small start-ups. Our technicians excel in all aspects of electric and mechanical motor repair and rewinding, circuit board repair, as well as industrial electronics repairs. As a leader in the electric motor repair industry, we can quickly locate the causes of machinery failure and keep equipment in top operating condition to prevent breakdowns.

Our Services

24/7 Emergency Service

Premier Electric Motor Services specializes in the sale, rewind, and repair of industrial electric motors. Backed by many years of fast, quality service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we guarantee our work in addressing the breakdown of household and industrial electric motors. Some of the services we provide include:


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Our highly trained professional technicians are experienced with all makes and models of electronic equipment. Some of the brands we repair include: