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How to know when your electric motor needs to change?

July 22nd, 2022BlogNo Comments »
How to know when your electric motor needs to change?

Almost every piece of the electric device has an electric motor which is the essential core part of it. The machine won’t produce the desired results without it, or it won’t create any results at all. The basic working of these devices depends upon their motors. So for the machine’s smooth functionality, the motor should be working correctly and also should be well-maintained. Most of you must be doing regular cleaning, maintenance, and motor services. But by doing routine maintenance, you can extend the life of your electric motor, but that does not imply it will never break down. You’ll need to replace even the high-quality motor after several years of wear and tear. Moreover, if you have constantly been facing troubles with the motor and getting a lot of repair services, then it is better to replace the electric motor than to spend a lot of money on the just repair. Other than this, many other signs also tell that the electric motor needs to be changed. To avoid the machinery being harmed by the motor, you must see these warning indications and seriously consider replacing your motor. So let’s see when you should change the electric motor.

1. When the motor starts overheating in no time

Most often, electric motor damage is caused by overheating. It is one of the primary signs of motor damage. If the electric motor is overheated, you need to get it checked. Overheating can be caused by mechanical faults, electrical issues, or inappropriate load. The most frequent cause of overheating is load, but if you notice your electric motor overheating frequently, you should replace it rather than try to fix it. Chances are that it is the end time of the machine, and it won’t survive and function well even after repair.

2When the machine produces a lot of noise

Noise coming from any machine means there is something wrong with it. Any gadget or appliance not functioning properly will make a peculiar noise. Thus if you hear any strange noises, the machinery is malfunctioning. The component that makes the machine work is the electric motor. The electric motor’s bearing will eventually wear down and shatter after many years of operation, causing the noise. Depending on the damage, the motor either needs to be replaced or repaired if the noise is not that much.

3. When the motor starts wearing out

The exterior of the motor starts depleting as soon as it starts damaging from the inside. The damaged surface shows that your motor engine has stopped functioning as it once did and has to be replaced immediately. You must inspect the mounting holes, the overall paint, the dust sucked into the windings, and other external components. Finding out whether the electric motor is in good working order, needs any repairs, or has to be replaced entirely would require a thorough check. 

4. When the machine stops again and again

You must have noticed that machines sometimes stop in between the process repetitively even when the wires are correctly plugged. It also indicates that the electric motor needs to be changed. Your electric motor should generate enough power to keep the machinery operating. You need to replace the electric motor if it is delivering insufficient power.

If you are still unsure, consulting electric motor services would be the best option. Such companies can adequately check your machine and the motor and give you the most appropriate advice based on their expertise. 

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