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Signs You Need to Change Your Pool Pump

August 27th, 2022BlogNo Comments »
<a></a>Signs You Need to Change Your Pool Pump

Are you a family who loves to spend Sunday afternoons in the pool followed by a hearty meal at the lunch table? If so, it is crucial you dedicate a certain amount of time to maintenance and upkeep of your poop. One of the most common mistakes pool owners make is not checking the pool pump. It is easy to dismiss its importance as long as it is working well.

But how do you understand if your pool pump is in need of a repair or maintenance service? Below are a few signs to gauge whether it has been one too many months your pool pump has remained unattended:

Water level Appears Too Low

Usually, the way your pool pump works is by sucking in the pool water and pushing it through an elaborate filtration system. This ensures your pool remains squeaky clean and maintains a constant water level while at it.

If you have been noticing your pool’s water level dropping every time you run the pump, this could indicate a pool pump issue. Be it debris or otherwise, your pump’s impeller that rotates like a propeller might have been compromised. In this case, removing the debris might do the job.

Water Pools Near the Pump

Noticing water pooling near or around the pump? It can be a sign that your pool pump needs urgent repair. A broken O-ring or pump seal can lead to water spraying from the pipes connected to the pump. A damaged motor shaft can also be equally detrimental and cause water to pool underneath the pump.

The right thing to do here is to fix it promptly before any water gets inside the motor and damages it to a point of no return.

Pump Emits Odd Noises

If your pump has lately been making unusual noises every time you turn it on, you might be in need of a repair service. If there is a humming noise, the capacitor might have been overheated. Without it, your pump cannot run consistently.

A screeching sound indicates rusting or oxidation in the motor’s bearings. In such cases, replacing them could be enough. And if there is a rattling sound, loose bolts or stones might have gotten inside the impeller. Whatever the reason is, it requires urgent repair.

Pump Sucks Air In

If your pool pump sucks in air, it can lower the pool’s water level and impact water circulation. Finding the reason behind an air leak could be tiresome and tedious, so it is best to let a professional handle the repair work.

Pump Functions Sluggishly

If your pool pump seems sluggish, it could mean that a foreign object has gotten inside the impeller or the filter. This tends to slow down the pump and lower the pool’s water level gradually. If you see water moving through the pump at a relatively slower rate than typically seen, you might be in for some trouble.

Power Trips Out

Do you happen to suffer frequent power outages when you run your pump? If you are experiencing power trip outs or sudden halts in the pump’s normal functioning, you could have an issue with condensation or water getting into the pump. But it could well be some other issue  which professionals can help you understand.

Is your pool pump in dire need of repair? Get in touch with us at Premier Electric Motor Services today to have your pump-related problems resolved at pocket-friendly prices!

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