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Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

September 18th, 2022BlogNo Comments »
<strong>Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System</strong>

Maintaining your HVAC motor is not a simple operation, but it is also not rocket science. One of your main worries is probably extending the life of the HVAC motor. And it should be because this is one of the most significant investments you will make for your house. Here are some suggestions for extending the life of your HVAC motor:

Plan Preventive Maintenance

The best approach to extend the life of your HVAC equipment is to schedule yearly or bi-annual maintenance. Your system will be cleaned, inspected, and tuned up by your service professional. Internal cleanliness is just as vital as outward cleaning. It entails looking for any dirt, dampness, or shavings that should not be there. A thorough examination will be performed on your item is connections, cables, and mechanics. Tune-up maintenance includes a new filter, lubrication, condenser cleaning, and refrigerant level checks. HVAC Motor repair services will take care of all of the above for you.

Replace the air filter on a regular basis.

A 30-day filter or a 90-day filter can be used in your HVAC system. Whichever you select, keep an eye on it and change it as required. There are several filters available that will filter out a significant quantity of dirt, pollen, and airborne microorganisms. Follow the filter’s recommended replacement schedule. If you have pets, you should change your filter more frequently.

Utilize the Auto Setting

Your HVAC unit is fan will most likely have an auto and a on setting. The auto option only turns on the fan when the system starts actively heating or cooling the house. The on setting continually runs the fan, using more energy and creating greater wear and tear on your system. To save money, you should strive to utilize the auto setting as often as possible.

Maintain the Condenser

Your HVAC unit’s condenser is located outside the home. As a result, it is vulnerable to damage from extreme weather and windblown debris. Check on it on a regular basis and clean away any weeds or debris. Tree roots and plants placed too close together might potentially cause harm to the unit. Keep an eye on the landscape and look for proper drainage as well as rust or other noticeable damage.

Check Insulation in your home

Sufficient insulation will help your HVAC system last longer by minimizing the need for it to operate continually. The attic is the most probable place for heat and air to escape. As a result, improving the insulation in this region will aid in lowering the quantity of heat and air produced by your HVAC unit. In this capacity, insulating the basement and adding extra insulation to the walls will also help.

Change to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature for certain time periods. You may configure it to save energy or simply enjoy having access from your phone or tablet. The utilization of your HVAC system will be reduced if the temperature is adjusted based on the hours of occupancy. As a consequence, you will save money on your utility costs and the life of your unit will be extended.

Alternate Heating and Cooling Methods

In hot weather, utilize ceiling fans and install reflective shades to keep the heat outside and away from your HVAC system. Set the thermostat higher, and your system will work less hard to chill your home.

Put on a sweater and open the curtains in cool weather. Allow the sun to assist in heating your home. Reduce the load on your HVAC unit by lowering the thermostat, wrapping oneself in a blanket, and adding space heaters to chilly rooms.

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